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7 Best Ways to boost up your hiring process

The hiring process starts right from reviewing CVs to onboarding the selected candidates.

We all know that much!

What we also know, is that hiring involves some basic steps,

  • Reviewing applications
  • Screening Applications
  • Selecting the right profiles.
  • Inviting those profiles for interview
  • Choosing candidates based on pre-determined criteria.
  • Checking references and selected candidates’ backgrounds.
  • Conducting Health checkups of selected candidates. (could be optional)

However, recruitment can often be a long and drawn-out process. Worst of all, even after a long gruesome recruitment process, you might still end up with a bad employee! 

To prevent that, and to boost up your hiring procedures, here are some methods you should follow:

Assess the Candidate’s attitude along with skills.

When we interview any candidate – We usually ask questions related to the specific skills required. Along with this, We should hire the candidate with the right attitude.

If the candidate in question cannot handle stress at work, doesn’t know how to deliver on deadlines, or is outright rude, chances are that you might be stuck with a candidate that you will need to fire soon.

Moreover, along with the required skills, zeal to work is important. Thus, it is wise to always try to Include some behavioral questions to judge the attitude of the person.

Questions can be:

  • How would you benefit this organization with your current skill set? What type of advancements would you need in your career to grow at both personal and professional levels?
  • How do you deal with work pressure? 
  • How do you motivate your subordinates? (If the position is senior)

We should hire the right attitude and train skills. Because It’s difficult to find people who are compatible with Company’s values and culture. 

However, if you do find such people, then make efforts to retain them too!

Go for a Recruitment agency If the requirement is a niche and there is a time constraint.

If you need to expand your team and execute your business proposal within no time. You should reach out to the best available recruitment agency in your industry.

Because it will do wonders if you empaneled with a recruitment agency that understands your needs and delivers accordingly. It would speed up your hiring process greatly.

Here’s a blog that might help you understand how to choose the right recruitment agency for your company. 

Here are some of the major benefits of employing recruitment agencies:

  • It saves your effort and time.
  • You just need to take interviews of already screened candidates 
  • No screening need from the pool of candidates.
  • Saved efforts can be used in business plan execution
  • Get your candidate onboard within no time.
  • They will guarantee you a free replacement as well.
  • You don’t need to track candidates, since all the processes will be done by the recruitment agency.

Maintain Candidates’ Data through a Software.

This is the most effective strategy adopted by companies and recruitment agencies to maintain the data of candidates through AI and related software. This helps them keep track of candidates:

  • Those who are not selected currently but are suitable for any other role.
  • Not suitable for the company as they are not matching with company goals.
  • Applied but not selected for the current job role. they are segregated as per their expertise and saved in the database.
  • The duplicity of profiles will be seen if candidates’ data is there. Candidates won’t be entertained again if rejected earlier and if not suitable for any other role.

Writing accurate Job Posting with all required details.

The job posting is a crucial part of the interview process. The job posting should include all the necessary information about the job role and should be posted on the right channels. The job posting should be used on LinkedIn and job portals.

For example – A few Job portals are Industry-specific. If you want to post jobs related to finance, accounting, and IT roles, you can try on this recruitment portal. Here you have a higher probability of success as a particular domain of candidates will be applying through the portal. (acting as a broad filter to weed out irrelevant candidates)

Using Automation techniques to attract candidates.

Automation is nowadays a powerful tool to scale up any business. Similarly, It’s important in the recruitment business too.  When there are many positions to fill in, you can use AI tools to automate your emails and get relevant candidates through them.

Using social Channels in the right way.

There are various channels through which you can post job adverts and share those across social handles like  LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram, etc. 

The recruitment process is evolving, and all platforms are getting used for hiring and business purpose. So, it’s important to scale up your presence on social media.

Simple and Flexible Interview process.

Don’t make your interview process complicated and include many steps. Instead, it should be simple and accessible to the candidates. Because it makes hiring very easy with less cost.

You should give timings and mode of interviews at the ease and availability of candidates because if the candidates did not turn up for an interview, all the previous steps would be in vain. Video and telephonic interviews save the time of both.  Use flexible options for interviewing candidates.

We hope that all of these above steps will make your hiring easier and simpler. 

To experience seamless and hassle-free hiring with access to a huge database of highly relevant talent, visit Jobaaj.com.

Or hit us up at contact@jobaaj.com

Thank you for reading and see you next time!

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