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9 ways Placement Assistance Services boost your career

An Introduction to Placement Assistance Services

The job market is brutal!

Ask anyone, whether it be an invigorated fresher or a 10+ year professional looking to switch companies.

They will all tell you that finding a job(that is appropriate for you) is one of the toughest things in life.

Fortunately, we are currently experiencing one of the most magical moments in technological history.

When our co-dependency with the online world has surged ever upwards.

And for good reasons too!


Placement Assistance Services!

Services that help individuals find, engage and convert job offers,

Now isn’t that cool?

How it works

Placement assistance services pave a smooth road for jobseekers.

When an individual signs for placement assistance services, he/she is given comprehensive guidance and assistance support in finding, analyzing, choosing, and converting a job lead.

The job seeker’s profile, skillset, specifications, and qualifications are taken into consideration and suitable job leads are selected for them.

Some premium placement assistance services also help job seekers build and optimize their resumes, build up their LinkedIn profiles, refine their skills for a particular profile and guide them through the placement procedures and the best ways to crack them.

In essence, the placement assistance services abstract out the searching and filtering process of job search so that the job seeker can focus on the important task, which is upskilling themselves for the job profile.

Here are 9 ways how placement assistance services can boost your career!

1. They bring out the best in you

Have you ever felt that you weren’t able to put your best foot forward in the interaction with the recruiters or interviewers? Well, that is a common problem that job seekers deal with it all the time.

Placement assistance services help highlight the best of your skillset and present them to the recruiters.

They do this by optimizing a jobseeker’s resume and LinkedIn profile to highlight their achievements and skills to the recruiters.

2. Clean your resumes

With Placement Assistance Services, job seekers can get resumes optimized for the profile that they have applied for.

Further on, today, most recruiters and companies use ATS technology to filter our resumes and so consequently, Assistance services optimize resumes so that they are ATS-friendly and get a better chance of being accepted.

3. Profile clarification

With Placement Assistance services, job seekers can get further clarification regarding the job profiles they should be targeting.

By analyzing an individual’s capabilities and qualifications, assistance services can round up job leads and guide job seekers through their job profiles and descriptions.

4. Find jobs aligned with your skillset

Getting a job offer that contradicts your own preferences and skillset is a sure way to derail your career.

With assistance services, you can apply for job offers tailored to your needs, your preferences, and your qualifications.

5. Helps you build and optimize your personal profile on corporate platforms like Linkedin.

Platforms like LinkedIn are a great way for job seekers to build their portfolios and approach recruiters.

Some Assistance Services provide Linkedin Optimisation services where they build and optimize the jobseeker’s LinkedIn profile so that it is more visible and appealing to the recruiters.

Check out Jobaaj’s Placement Assistance Service!

6. Help you upskill according to work profile

Having a deep understanding of most kinds of job profiles, placement assistance services know very well about the kind of skills that can get a person selected for a role.

While guiding a job seeker through the placement process, some placement assistance services also go to the lengths of upskilling individuals for the role they are applying for.

7. Help you get more interview calls

Not getting a call back for an interview is a nightmare for many job seekers.

Fortunately, placement assistance services ensure that it doesn’t happen to you, by helping you make the best impression over potential recruiters.

That includes cleaning and optimizing your resumes, working on your interviewing skills, and upskilling you for the particular job profile.

8. Help you traverse through complex placement procedures

Let’s face it!

Some companies just like to screw with their potential recruitments. 

Some companies have difficult-to-follow recruitment procedures and it can be daunting for fresh job seekers to go through them.

In such cases, Placement assistance services help job seekers by clarifying and guiding job seekers through these procedures and making their life a bit easier.

9. Help you distinguish, decide, and choose between multiple job offers

When choosing between multiple job offers, you don’t want to make a decision that you might have to regret later.

Assistance services help job seekers avoid that by guiding and counseling them regarding the best job offer to choose based on their skill set and their preferences.


In essence, placement assistance services can make the job-seeking process extremely simple and easy for job seekers.

It can abstract out all the hard parts of the process, leaving the job seekers to only focus on upskilling themselves and aim high in the corporate sphere.

Choosing the right kind of assistance services for your needs can be tricky.

But it’s definitely something that if you put your work in, can reward you greatly in your professional life.

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