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Best Stock Market Movies Of All Time For Every Investor

Wait, don’t tell me you love the stock market too!

Well, if you are here then perhaps the answer is a big yes with an exclamation mark. Just like you, We find the stock market to be an interesting and amazing source to invest money.

Here are the best movies that capture the essence of the stock market magnificently. These movies cover topics ranging from one of the biggest economic recessions of all time to an egomaniacal investment banker turned serial killer, they have got all the variety and substance you need this weekend.

So just grab a bucket of popcorn and let’s dive in….

1. The Big Short

This movie holds the crown for the best stock market movie of all time. The story is set up in the mid-2000s when the US economy was scaling new heights from one ATH (All-Time-High) to another, Michael Burry and a bunch of other analysts working at the wall street notice some irregularities in the credit system of the real estate sector and bet against the booming economy hinged on the idea that the entire credit system in the U.S is built on a bubble.

An idea that seems absurd, up until the entire financial market is brought to its knees by the Lehman Brothers collapse. The real estate sector in the U.S was reduced to dust and millions were left homeless.

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Michael Burry earned a personal profit of more than $100 million as a rogue trader who went for a short position in a bullish market.

Christian Bale has delivered an exceptional performance as Michael burry, an investment banker who is good with numbers and points out the bubble just by looking at the statistics. The movie is really informative and engaging and is sure to hook you to the screen for the entire run-time of 2 hours and 10 minutes.

This movie boasts an exceptional storyline and a phenomenal cast that translates into a pure and engaging visual experience. The movie earned an academy award for best writing in 2016.

2. The Wolf of Wall Street

Based on a true story, the movie starring Leonardo Dicaprio as Jordan Belfort is an adaptation of the book by the same name written by Jordan Belfort himself. The story dives deep into the life of a stockbroker who starts a Brokerage firm with his friend Donny Azoff that quickly turns into a success thanks to Belfort’s objectionable Pump and Dump tactics. Belfort and his company embezzled its clients of hundreds of millions of dollars just by parking their money into worthless penny stocks, pumping the price, and then selling it off before the bubble burst. 

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We personally loved how the pump and dump tactics of the stock market are explained in the movie. It really gives us a good idea of how these tactics are practically used in the real world to pump the prices of a share. This must-watch movie is quite frankly one of the best finance movies of all time.

The movie showcases the extravagant lifestyle of the wolf of wall street and how he evaded the FBI until he was arrested and later was found guilty in the late 90s.

The movie offers a perfect blend of comedy and drama with intense scenes and stellar acting performances from heavyweights like Matthew McConaughey, Margot Robbie, and Jonah Hill.

3. Too Big to Fail

 This movie is one of the best stock market movies that accurately captures the essence of one of the biggest recessions in the world of finance and the precarious risk management of the United States government that led to a loss of almost 2.6 million jobs.

The international investment bank Lehman Brothers, which was one of the major reasons for the collapse of the entire credit system in the U.S, was hell-bent on making a V-shaped recovery and blamed the falling share price on short-sellers.

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The CEO Richard S. Fuld Jr. left no stone unturned to save the organization from bankruptcy, going so far as to pushing mergers with the likes of Central Bank and Barclays, soliciting Capital infusion from ace investor Warren Buffet but eventually the Bank that was Too Big to Fail, filed bankruptcy in September 2008 and the Troubled Asset Relief Program (TARP) was created to kickstart recovery of the economy.

 Directed by Curtis Hanson, the movie accurately captures the chaos of a recession and the internal diplomacy between the government and the major financial institutions while delivering a breathtaking cinematic experience.

4. Trading places

A mainstream classic and a fan-favorite, Trading Places is certainly one of the best comedy movies of all time starring Eddie Murphy and Dan Aykroyd, but it is not just a cheery comedy movie, it has something for the stock market enthusiasts as well, from the details of the commodity market to how a brokerage firm earns their profit, it has so much more to offer to the audience than just a few chuckles.

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In the movie, Louis Winthorpe, a commodity broker, and Billy Ray Valentine, a street hustler are forced into living each other’s lives based on a wager made by Mortimer and Randolph Duke, the owners of the Duke & Duke brokerage company, that is it the environment of a person or the heredity that decides whether they do good in life.

Mortimer placed his bets on Billy, that he would become as good as Louis in taking the calls in the commodity market because he believed that the environment counts for more than heredity.

We loved how the movie touches on serious social issues like prejudice while maintaining the comical tone of the movie. The characters development and the storyline are what make this movie a must-watch for everyone.

5. American Psycho

The only reason this movie is ranked 5th in this list is that it’s not entirely based on the stock market but also tilts towards crime and horror, if not for this it would have ranked much higher.

The movie is the story of a New York-based Patrick Bateman, an executive in one of the biggest investment banks, who lives in a closed circle of high-profile influential people. On the surface, Patrick looks just like his companions but that’s just a cover, he is actually a psychopath underneath, something really dark and inhumane lives inside of him. 

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Christian Bale who plays Patrick Bateman in this movie has done a phenomenal job and has captured even the tiniest of details of the character. The movie is sure to keep you glued to the screens through its immersive storyline and a thought-provoking ending.

For those of you who love watching horror movies and have had enough of the conventional plots, this is definitely the one to go for.

Wait, next Sunday is not so far away…

 We have got some TV shows for you to binge, in case you want to dig deeper into the world of the stock market and investing. Some of the best ones are mentioned below-

1. Scam 1992

Quite simply the best TV series on this list, based on a true story Scam 1992 is the story of the rise and fall of Harshad Mehta, the big bull of the Indian stock market in the early 90s who became the biggest advanced taxpayer in the country by manipulating the stock prices in the financial market and was later arrested in November 1992.

2. The Wizard of Lies

A stellar TV movie starring Robert De Niro, based on the fall of American financier Bernie Madoff who ran the largest Ponzi scheme ever that ripped off more than $64 billion from the investors. 

3. Billions

Billions is no doubt one of the most engaging TV shows on the list that keeps you on your heels throughout the series. It is a battle for power between U.S attorney Chuck Rhoades and hedge fund king Bobby Axelrod, as they use every weapon in their strategic arsenal to destroy their opponent and they won’t hold back as billions are on the line.

4. Wall Street Warriors

Wall street warriors is a documentary that gives you an insight into the lives of those who rule the wall street. It is essentially a series of interviews that dives into the unbelievably fast-paced lives of investors and traders on Wall Street. The series has got so much for people who wish to trade or are already participants in the financial markets. 

5. Mad Money

Mad Money is an amazing show where Jim Cramer, one of the most successful hedge fund managers of wall street, is your personal coach and helps you navigate your investment journey in the concrete jungle. 

We hope that this list offers you the movie you have been looking for and have a great time watching one of the best stock market movies of all time

Don’t forget to check out the top TV series on the stock market and dive deeper into the financial world.

Wish to learn even more on the stock market and trading, learn from  our stock market courses

Which one of these stock market movies did you like the most? 

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