Here’s everything you need to know about the CFA program in 2022

Are you stepping up on the way to becoming a superb financial investment professional? Well, then the CFA program is…

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How to Become A CFA in India? Salary, Job Opportunities etc.

CFA(Chartered Financial Analyst) is considered one of the most prestigious and high-potential certifications in the finance sector today. In this…

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What are the Scope and Job opportunities for CFA in India?

There is a literal abundance of CFA job opportunities in India. And the interesting part is that there just aren’t…

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What are the career options for CA failed students?

Every year almost 400,000 students take up the path of chartered accountancy and work hard to achieve it. However, only…

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Which is better, CFA vs CPA? Detailed comparison

Becoming a CFA or CPA can be a powerful step forward in your career. However, the choice will depend on…

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CFA job opportunities abroad, Salary, Top companies, etc.

You are done with your CFA program and now are wondering about future CFA job opportunities? Who am I kidding! …

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