Top 10 Best Career for you to Consider After your 12th Board Exams

If you are reading this, you are either a student appearing for your 12th board exams or a concerned guardian…

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Is ICAI doing enough in encouraging and providing a platform for its students towards entrepreneurship?

Do you feel ICAI is doing enough to raise the entrepreneurship fire among its students? The fire of entrepreneurship rages…

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Why more CAs should be entrepreneurs!

Entrepreneurship has given India up to 33 unicorns (1 billion $ valuation companies) in the year 2021. That is more…

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Salary Fabrication

5 tricks employers use to increase CTC numbers and give wrong impression to employees. There are several ways companies can…

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Do you feel candidates deserve to hear back—even if the news is negative?

Well, no one wants to remain in a state of anticipation, wondering if they’re still in the running. Not only…

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