Do you feel candidates deserve to hear back—even if the news is negative?

Well, no one wants to remain in a state of anticipation, wondering if they’re still in the running. Not only candidates want to close the loop, but they often would like to hear feedback from the employer and see if they could be considered for opportunities down the line.

A candidate’s drive to gain definitive feedback is usually rooted in a psychological need for closure.

Feedback after an interview can help the candidate better prepare for the next interview. It can even allow the candidate to learn more about himself and his strengths.

Moment of truth-

We feel, following up is beneficial to both parties in the long run (even if it’s awkward and uncomfortable at the time).

The effects of a candidate’s negative experience can lead to a broader impact on the employer’s business or its ability to recruit top talent.

Most Jobseekers believe that they would never seek employment with the company again if they were displeased with the way their application was handled. Some might also tell others.

We have seen this happen with many of our clients who initially don’t handle the applications of the candidates respectfully and later face the challenge of not finding relevant candidate in time to fill critical spots and end up losing on huge projects for their companies. It’s not just a saying that employees are the biggest asset for an company but a hard hitting undeniable truth.

In our recent survey most of the employers feel that in few scenarios they indeed have looked back at such practices and wish they had been more responsive. Even a template letter of acknowledgment is better than no response. Job applicants have long memories, and it may be difficult to acquire that same quality talent later if candidates are not treated well now. If we talk about few big corporate houses they have set this in practice for their HRs to revert back to candidate to ensure there is no hard feeling and that the candidate feels motivated to apply again in future. This just makes good business sense, without good manpower no company can grow, and it’s time that mid-size firms and companies should incorporate such things in their HR practices. “A bad experience is a reflection on company’s entire management process.”

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