Highest Paying Jobs After MBA In India

An MBA degree is one of the most worthwhile investments you can make in your life. In addition to enhancing your career prospects, it can prepare you for good-paying jobs in the tough job market of today.

Its high salary packages and opportunity to develop holistically, and fast-track your career make the Master of Business Administration (MBA) one of the most sought-after degrees. 

The MBA curriculum develops skills such as critical thinking, problem-solving, analytical skills, and leadership, which are critical to a successful corporate career. There are many MNC’s that pay a handsome salary to MBA graduates with these necessary skills at their disposal. In this article, we discuss some of the highest paying jobs after MBA in India.

As an MBA graduate, your salary will largely depend on your experience and performance. There are a top 10 highest paying companies in India for MBA Freshers. These include Google, Accenture, Tata Consultancy Services, Cognizant Technology Solutions, IBM, Infosys, Intel, Cisco, Microsoft, and Amazon.

 Highest-paying Jobs After MBA In India

Investment BankerThe profession of Investment banking has one of the highest MBA salary in India you can get. The Investment banker is a financial professional who advises companies on raising capital by issuing bonds, stocks, or other securities.

The investment banker is usually a certified public accountant with an MBA degree. The average salary

of an investment banker is 978,898.

Investment bank salary

Marketing ManagerMarketing managers assist companies and organizations in obtaining new customers and expanding into new markets. 

The marketing manager researches trends, estimates demands, identify new opportunities and creates effective campaigns.

The average salary of a Marketing Manager is 712,354

Marketing manager salary

ConsultingAs a management consultant, you will provide your company with the focused direction it needs to stay competitive and relevant by assisting in solving management problems, maximizing profits, increasing efficiency, reducing costs, and increasing employee productivity. 

Additionally, A management consultant assists companies with their online presence and with complying with newly enacted regulations. A primary focus of his work is collaborating with the chief operations officer, chief executive officer, and chief financial officer. The average salary of a Consultant is 986106.

Business consultant salary

Project ManagerProject managers are in charge of coordinating the efforts of a team to achieve the project’s goals. They are responsible for activities such as planning, organizing, and leading. Project managers are involved in every stage of a project from its conception to its completion.

For this particular role, a Project Manager will need to have Effective communication, Team building, and, Efficient Planning skillset. The Average Salary Of a Project manager is 1,029,133.

Project Manager Salary

Business Development ManagerThe Business Development Manager is an executive that is responsible for the growth of a company’s business. They are in charge of promoting the company and its products to new and existing customers. They may also be tasked with identifying new markets for the company to enter, and developing strategic alliances with other companies.

The Average Salary Of a Business Development Manager is 597,013.

Business Developement manager

Why are MBAs in high demand?

A Master of Business Administration degree is a professional postgraduate degree in business administration and management, and here are Some reasons why MBA programs have global recognition.

  • In the MBA program, students learn about subjects such as Management Theory and Practice, Leadership and Entrepreneurship, Financial Markets, Instruments, and Business & Corporations Law.
  • Through the course, participants gain various management skills required in the corporate world.MBA programs provide a solid theoretical foundation in business concepts. An MBA program provides valuable opportunities for self-improvement through internships, group assignments, and individual projects.
  • Communication, motivation, and negotiation are among the soft-skills MBA graduates are known for.

Factors to Consider Before taking up a job?

It is important to consider the following factors before exploring job opportunities in India after MBA:

Organization- Whenever you are ready to join an organization, it is essential to examine the nature of the work, the scope for career growth, the successes and failures, the plans of the organization, and any additional information you can find regarding the company in different places. Considering these factors will allow candidates to determine if their choice is the right one or not.

Job Profile-Consider a specific job that suits you instead of accepting every job that comes your way. The key to finding the right job is patience, even though it takes time. As well, don’t choose a role based on pay alone, but rather one that is based on your title, as it will lead to professional development.

Location Of Job- Take a look at the cost of living, accommodation, and transportation if you are taking up a job. Comparison of living expenses and salary is important.

At the end, if you are someone who is thinking of pursuing the MBA, is already pursuing it, then you have a bright future ahead.

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