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An interview is an organized practice to test the skills of an individual. Be it for a scholarship, college, internship, job or anything else. With the pandemic bearing upon the world, this will be the new normal as there is no desire to change the status quo anywhere. Telephonic Interview is the most preferred type for many interviewers due to its convenience. On the flip side, an interviewer cannot directly see you hence catching the pulse is very important. Therefore, an initial telephonic interview can leave you in an everything or nothing situation. Being prepared and ready is the recipe for success.
Here are some proven and tested tips to ace a telephonic interview.
1) Choose a comfortable time
Yes! Choosing a comfortable time will take you places. Make sure you double check your calendar and choose a time that fits your day. It is important to note that you leave an hour or half before and after the interview to cover yourself in case the interview runs longer than expected.

2) Location and Connectivity
Prepare your mind and choose a room in advance to take up your interview. You would not want any distractions. So, make sure to choose a secluded place with good network to take up your interview. After all connectivity takes the high seat for a telephonic interview.

3) Dress yourself presentably
Make sure you are not in your pajamas. Yes, dressing up for the occasion boosts your confidence.
“You can have anything you want in life if you dress for it. —Edith Head”

4) Prepare yourself to answer the most common and expected questions

Whatever might be the type of interview, there are a few interview questions which are expected. It is always crucial to prepare yourself and be ready to answer those type of generic questions. Below, are some of the most common questions.

What Are Your Strengths? …
What Is Your Greatest Weakness? …
Why Should We Hire You? …
Why Did You Leave Your Last Job? …
Tell Me About Yourself. …
Why Do You Want to Work Here? …
Describe Your Current Job Responsibilities. …
What is Your Management Style?
What’s your experience in the relevant field

5) Research about the organization you are applying for
Google is your friend. Go ahead and research about the organization. Learn about their business, know what they do and make notes of all the questions you have. Try to learn how this organization affects the society and prepare on how you are going to be helpful for the company. If you are applying for a college/scholarship prepare on how you would benefit from their values/missions and why they should consider you.

6) Try to be vocal
Do not be intimidated to ask questions. Be bold and make sure to clarify any doubts or inhibitions you have. You can always ask questions like

What do you expect from this role?
How can I be helpful for the organization?

7) Do not bring up Salary
YES! At the end of the day, everybody works for money. That is the mere truth and the whole world knows it. However, never ever bring up salary in your first telephonic interview. Give the interviewer a chance to digest the information you have provided and let him/her chew on it. Give the interviewer an opportunity to bring it up and be welcoming when that discussion happens.

8) Courtesy can do wonders
Be courteous and use polite words. Do not be ashamed to say Thank you. Let the interviewer know that you are polite and welcoming. In most cases, employers are looking for people who can be great teammates, work with other people and maintain the harmony.

“As we are, so we do; and as we do, so is it done to us; we are the builders of our fortunes.” – Ralph Waldo Emerson

9) Have your CV handy
Always remember that interviews are hard. It is possible that the most confident person can also stumble during the interview. Have a copy of your CV and cover letter ready to refer just in case. I prefer a hard copy. The other person need not listen us pounding on the keys and clicking the mouse. One would not like it duh!

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10) Treat this interview as a priority
At times, it is possible that you have a couple of interviews lined up. Nevertheless, this moment and this interview take precedence over the rest. Treat this interview as your only chance and the only opportunity.

11) Relax
No matter how you performed in your interview, try to relax. Waiting for the results is anxious but understand that you have presented your best self and the only thing you can do now is await your results.

My final piece of advice is, despite taking calls every day, do not take a phone interview lightly. It is a different experience every single time. Concentration and belief is the key. Always bear it in mind that the interviewer cannot see you, cannot judge your body language, and cannot evaluate your dressing. All they can do is listen to what you say. Have that spark in your speech. Taking notes, having a cheat sheet and smiling all through can take you a long way. Remind yourself that a telephonic interview is not a marathon you cannot run. Good luck!

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