Is ICAI doing enough in encouraging and providing a platform for its students towards entrepreneurship?

Do you feel ICAI is doing enough to raise the entrepreneurship fire among its students?

The fire of entrepreneurship rages across India. The post-covid era saw a staggering number of entrepreneurs and business owners making it big. 33 Unicorns emerged in India in the year 2021. The country’s entrepreneurial spirit has never been higher.

However, CAs play a very short demographic role in this wave of this entrepreneurship.

Therefore, we need to ask this question. Why so? CAs have the capabilities of excelling at entrepreneurship, then why are there so few people in the running?

Do we need to blame our educational institute for not encouraging it enough in contrast to what IIM and IITs are doing?

Well the truth may be, Indian CAs are not given a proper platform to play around with the idea of entrepreneurship.

IITs and IIMs have a rich history of encouraging and building an entrepreneurial spirit in their students. Societies and clubs like Entrepreneurship cells are quite popular and common in such colleges which help in building and developing a creative and business-minded approach in students. 

It is quite clear how engineers have an opportunistic advantage in the entrepreneurship game here. 

Although it would be completely unfair to say that ICAI hasn’t given any thoughts on this matter. We came across a portal where CA students/ CA can register themselves if they have a startup idea but could not find any other event, action plan or any other relevant information around it. 

It might be safe to say it’s not the idea here that’s the problem, maybe the implementation.

CA students with all their skills, experience, and dedication deserve to have a well-defined entrepreneurship path open for them. 

Thoughts? Do you feel more could be done by ICAI or are we missing something here?

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