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Jobaaj Placement Assistance Service Review

Getting a job is hard right now!

And it is equally hard to get a job that caters to your skills and needs.

In such cases, placement assistance services play a crucial role in helping job seekers find and convert their desired jobs.

Placement Assistance Services can greatly benefit a job seeker. Read how.

Here’s a review of Jobaaj’s Placement Assistance Review. Each aspect of their assistance structure is described systematically and in detail to help job seekers choose what’s best for them.

Jobaaj Placement Assistance Service Review

Jobaaj’s placement assistance service is designed to cover all the essential aspects associated with job conversions.

With core competency and focus in the accounting and finance sector, Jobaaj is equipped with a vast network of professionals, recruiters, and employers in the accounting and finance domain.

It provides support, streamlined help, and expert guidance at each level of the process that goes into recruitment.

The process of being a job seeker to an employee can be illustrated through the following steps.

Jobaaj assists individuals through each of these steps:

-> Upskilling themselves

Jobaaj has been in the recruitment sector for 10+ years. 

They know how recruiters think, they know what the HRs are looking for in their suitable employees, and most importantly, they know what will get a job seeker hired!

With a dedicated team of highly experienced HRs, Jobaaj can help you get ready for the job you need.

With its premium courses ranging from “Python for Finance”, “Data Analytics”, “Stock Market”, “Investment banking”, “Advanced Excel”, etc Jobaaj offers certifications and courses to prepare individuals in all kinds of corporate skills.

In fact, a very important bonus that they offer with their complete placement assistance package is their special “Turbo-charge Linkedin”.


It’s a complete masterclass of Linkedin that takes individuals through a step-by-step process of creating, optimizing, and benefitting from Linkedin. It comes along with a comprehensive package of exceptional tools that can give a power boost to your LinkedIn profile and your outbound approaches.

Apart from that, Jobaaj also provides Linkedin optimization services under which it uses its tried and tested LinkedIn algorithms and hacks to optimize the individual’s profile to make it more approachable and professional.

-> Job search

Job seekers often need to scratch their heads to find good job opportunities that cater to their needs, skills, and preferences.

Of course, converting such job opportunities is a task on its own.

However, finding said opportunities are as tough as it gets.

With Jobaaj’s assistance service, job seekers can get customized job leads tailored to their specific needs and preferences for 30 days continuously.

The best part?

It comes with a 7-day money-back guarantee.

Apart from providing continuous fresh and high-quality job leads, Jobaaj also provides a helpful and smooth communication experience between the HRs and the job seekers.

-> Job Conversion

A large part of getting a job is having your resumes accepted by those nit-picky recruiters and ATS systems. Having an optimized resume increases your chances of having your resume shortlisted faster.

Jobaaj abstracts this process for you with its Resume-Pro service.

Resumes are designed and curated with a unique combination of expert writers and ATS technology to ensure the best possible result.

Leading professionals from the accounting and finance sector are involved in the curation of resumes.

This ensures that your chances of getting an interview call shoot up.

In essence, Jobaaj as a job portal aligns its interests towards helping a regular job seeker.

It caters to the needs of jobseekers, with the combined intellect of experienced HRs, recruiters, and accounting professionals all of whom have been in the corporate field for more than 10+ years.


Having placed more than numerous job seekers in fulfilling jobs, Jobaaj has come a long way ahead in its mission.

A mission to bridge the gap between the country’s talent and opportunities.

Here are some of the happy lads that Jobaaj has helped:

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