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LinkedIn Closing LinkedIn Stories

L inkedIn has closed down its ephemeral stories product, the company announced Tuesday. According to Liz Li, senior director of product at LinkedIn, this was done in reaction to feedback from its users who expressed that they’d rather not receive Stories notifications. “We decided to remove the current Stories experience by the end of September,” she stated. The Snapchat-style video stories were first launched in February 2020 in internal testing.

When LinkedIn first started, the company faced a lot of criticism from businesses who claimed that it wasn’t nearly professional enough to be usable for business purposes. Luckily, the company listened to its customers and have now made it possible to host video content on personal pages – one feature that is sure to draw in professionals with interesting personalities!

LinkedIn and Twitter both recently shut down their storytelling-style video apps — LinkedIn’s feature was called Stories — because neither one of them saw an increase in the number of people who joined the conversation through those products. In a July blog post, Twitter VP Ilya Brown said the company hoped Fleets would make it easier for people to engage with each other on its platform … but apparently, that didn’t happen! And now LinkedIn is killing off Stories as well.
The two shutdowns could signal a broader pullback from ephemeral video products among social media companies. However, it seems unlikely that Snapchat or Instagram will be giving up on their Stories products anytime soon.
Now we just have to wait and see which social media companies step back from their Clubhouse clones. If you were wondering, yes, LinkedIn is working on one of those.

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