Benefits of Using LinkedIn and it’s Powerful Features in 2021

You know about LinkedIn right?

The platform where you develop a professional profile and make connections with people. Every student or work professional knows LinkedIn and probably has an account with a lot of connections.

But the issue lies in the way people look at LinkedIn. People mistake LinkedIn to be a Social Media platform. If you are one of those people, there’s something you need to know. You’ve been living in a house that you don’t know the address to.

LinkedIn is not a social media platform, but a professional networking platform. That’s why you don’t make friends on LinkedIn, you make connections. That’s why you don’t use selfies for profile pictures but sharp professional photos. One must follow a stricter set of rules on LinkedIn and the tone of conversation should be formal.

Therefore, choosing the way you look at LinkedIn is pivotal for your career. Linkedin has various features like LinkedIn learnings, LinkedIn talent insights, Posting a job, Advertise, and more designed to boost your career by learning and mastering new skills, and leveraging those skills through the network you have created on LinkedIn to forge ahead in your career.

LinkedIn is a very powerful tool for professionals that provides an umbrella of services for Businesses, Students, Employees, Hiring Managers, Freelancers, and startups to solve their problems and move towards their goals through their platform.

Let’s discuss some of these features of LinkedIn that make it such a powerful professional tool.

Powerful Features Of LinkedIn

Features of LinkedIn


LinkedIn offers a plethora of versatile features to give its users access to all the different resources they might need in their professional life. Be it a student looking for an internship, or a conglomerate looking for freelancers to complete a project, these tools can manage almost anything thrown at them. 

Let’s look at some of these features-

  • Linkedin Learnings

LinkedIn learnings is an online learning platform from LinkedIn that offers courses on a variety of topics including video editing, creative writing, coding, cinematography, Web development, and more along with certifications.

LinkedIn learning

There are three main categories of courses on the platform namely Business, creative, and Technology. Users pay a marginal fee to avail the courses and the content can be accessed from all devices.

The central idea behind this platform is to help users identify their strengths and then master them through these courses. LinkedIn learnings was previously known as, a website created by Lynda Weinman for her books and videos in 1995.

But as the website grew in popularity, it started offering online courses and was offering more than 100 courses in no time. raised more than $300 million in 2013, and therefore caught the eye of Microsoft and was later acquired by it in 2016.  

In 2017, was merged with Linkedin and was renamed Linkedin learnings, a massive open online course provider. 

  • LinkedIn Talent Insights

LinkedIn Talent Insights is a talent intelligence platform that empowers you to make better hiring decisions and create a smart workforce. This tool is specifically designed to help Hiring managers hire the best employs for a job profile to boost the efficiency and productivity of the organization.

LinkedIn Talent Insights

Linkedin Talent Insights provides a holistic view of the talent marketplace and places the data in the hands of the decision-makers so that they can discover the hidden talent pools and hire the best possible candidates. It also allows companies to keep track of the hiring trends of the competition and the type of skill they prefer in their candidates.

This tool exposes Hiring Managers to data-driven hiring and an international talent pool. This helps organizations expand their horizons and hire an exceptional workforce to break barriers of growth and evolve. This is undoubtedly one of the most valuable benefits of using LinkedIn for hiring.

  • Post a Job

Employers can also post a job on LinkedIn to hire fast using the strong network of talented individuals already present on the platform. The process is further simplified as the employer can target a favored set of individuals through job notifications.

Exposure to such a large talent pool ensures the high quality of the hired employees. This feature is highly useful for businesses, as it removes any geographical limitations for the employer. And helps them find the best-suited candidate for the role.

It makes the process of posting a job and hiring a good candidate seamless and practical.

  • Services Marketplace

Services Marketplace is another feature of Linkedin through which it provides a platform to service providers to meet and offer their services to those in need of the services. Anyone willing to provide freelance services on the platform can set up a service page and start offering services themselves.

Businesses planning to start a project with freelance providers can start working with them by simply identifying them on LinkedIn, reviewing their profile, and sending them a message.

This feature is extremely useful for businesses looking to expand their work without going through the hiring process again. And a perfect place for freelancers to win big projects and boosts their careers.

These are some of the most remarkable features of LinkedIn that make it so valuable in the professional space.

And since LinkedIn is a part of such a large community of students, working professionals, companies, organizations, and other entities, it is important that we understand the benefits of LinkedIn for the different groups and how it helps in creating value for them.

Benefits of LinkedIn for Students

Students can benefit enormously from LinkedIn and its 800 million-strong network of professional individuals and organizations. Especially those who are about to graduate within a year or two. 

Although students might not need LinkedIn in the initial stage of their graduation, your profile on LinkedIn reflects your skills and achievements accumulated throughout your academics and gives an overall impression of your personality and strengths to prospective employers. 

So it would be prudent to join LinkedIn at an initial stage as a student and tailor a profile that best reflects your qualities and strengths as an individual and sets the stage for you to land your dream job at your dream company. Because a good profile is not built overnight, one needs to place the right content to preserve the relevance. It helps maintain the requisite quality and overall appeal of the profile over time.

 Benefits of LinkedIn for students


Linkedin allows students to join professional groups and connect with like-minded people, it provides them a platform to showcase their knowledge and share their thoughts with people that encourage innovation and creativity.

It lets them engage with their connections and create a strong network with people that are involved in relevant fields. This boosts their chances of landing a job through reference. It also offers them the ability to research companies and employers to get an idea of the skills and values that they prefer and the type of employees they hire so they can highlight relevant skills and achievements in their resumes to boost their chances of being selected.

One of the most powerful advantages that LinkedIn offers to students is the ability to build connections and apply for jobs overseas with little to no effort. Linkedin expands the boundaries opportunities available for students and helps them gain international exposure. 

Benefits of LinkedIn for Businesses

LinkedIn is often perceived as a platform for job hunting and building a network. But the specialized marketing and hiring insight tools are a testament to the fact that LinkedIn is a platform to build and promote businesses. LinkedIn allows users to set up a business page and build a community of trusted customers.

LinkedIn validates the legitimacy of the business and also establishes an image of a trustworthy and reputable organization. It provides the business an edge over its competition. 

Benefits Of LinkedIn for Businesses

Being on LinkedIn allows companies to build a narrative around the company and tell a story to the customers. It allows them to create an experience for the customers that has more value than the products or services. Because people are more drawn to the experience of the brand, the sales are just an aftermath of the experience.

LinkedIn also offers some additional benefits to businesses that incentivize the use of the platform to promote the business and interact with potential customers.

Additional Benefits

  • It provides businesses a platform for marketing products and services through regular content. Content may be in any form like blogs, photos, videos, slide shares, etc.
  • Businesses that post exciting content regularly on their business pages capture the attention of the majority of the customers. And their customers turn into advocates for the business. The process of promoting the products becomes effortless.
  • LinkedIn provides an exceptional stage for businesses to launch new products or services and enjoy maximum exposure to individuals with high purchasing power. Therefore, a business that can harness the exposure of LinkedIn has already won half the game.
  • A good business has good employees, but good employees are scarce and hence, difficult to acquire. But LinkedIn solves this problem for the businesses with help of tools like LinkedIn Talent Insights. This tool makes the hiring process effortless and also removes any geographical barriers. So that the businesses can hire across oceans and choose from the best candidates
  • One of the strategic benefits that LinkedIn offers is that businesses can keep an eye on their competition by visiting their pages and looking at the type of content they churn out. It helps them identify new trends and innovations in the market and plan their moves accordingly to ensure longevity.

Benefits of LinkedIn for Startups

Startups have different goals and priorities when pitted against full-fledged businesses. Their functioning differs at the fundamental level and so do the resources they need to nurture their growth. 

First of all, the amount of funds are limited for most startups, and therefore, the strategies they need to advertise their brand and market their products must be cost-effective and efficient at the same time. That’s where LinkedIn comes in with its marketing tools and colossal network of people to support startups.

LinkedIn for startups

LinkedIn network of audience and the environment helps startups to scale. Startups like Snowflake, Metadata, Fivetran, Scale, and Ginger are some of the startups that have successfully scaled their businesses to new heights using the smart marketing solutions of LinkedIn. 

It also offers tools like LinkedIn ads that allow startups to bring in more leads. LinkedIn ads coupled with the high accuracy targeting capabilities of the platform allow startups to reach the right people. And the price is pocket-friendly as well, this makes LinkedIn a boon for startups.

As a startup, one of the most important aspects of the job is to have a persona. It allows the startup to effectively target the right kind of people. A persona is an artificial proxy that represents a perfect customer for the company. The analytics tool of Linkedin Marketing Solutions provides startups a detailed analysis of the audience that engages with their page. 

Having these insights helps startups improve their persona and constantly improve their strategies to keep up with the change. Startups must take proactive measures to stay in the race and survive the fierce battle with the competition. And having insights and other LinkedIn tools that support their decisions is really a strong catalyst for growth.


LinkedIn is one of the most effective platforms for students, businesses, and startups. The meticulously crafted features and the strong network of millions make it an indispensable tool for anyone and everyone looking to improve their career aspects. The utility of LinkedIn is immense and the power of its tools is immeasurable. The secret to success is hidden in the way it is used.

We hope that this article on the Benefits of Using Linkedin helped you in some way or the other. 

Any questions or suggestions are welcomed in the comments section below!

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