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Top 5 Most Unique Career Options for You After 12th Board Exams

We have all been through that wormhole of deep introspection to figure out what we really want from our lives and ourselves in particular. And these thoughts seem to intensify when you are right on the edge of your 12th board examinations about to step into a world where you have to choose the path you want to travel.

And when people arrive at this crossroad in life and have no idea which way to go, they often seem to follow others with a confused mind and a weak resolve. More often than not, people tend to choose career options based on what others are picking and not what they really wish to do.

It is one of the reasons why more than 90% of students after their 12th board examinations opt for engineering or medical sciences. But there are tons of other exciting roles waiting for you right out the gate. All you need to do is to reach out to them.

Therefore, being aware of opportunities and aligning your own interests with the various career options to choose the best one of the lot is the right approach to choosing your career track.

So here are 5 Unique Career Options After 12th Board Exams. See if you can align your goals and aspirations with any one of them.

1. Blockchain Engineer/ Expert

You have been living under a rock if you have never heard of Cryptocurrency and Blockchain before. Blockchain is one of the hottest technologies of the decade. And it will probably reshape the entire fabric of online operations in the coming years. It is without a doubt a revolutionary technology and everyone around you is either deeply invested in the technology or is planning to somehow get involved in it.

So why not make a career in something that is going to be as big as the internet in the forthcoming years. Blockchain is essentially a simple database where data is stored as chunks or blocks that are linked to each other and shared with the entire userbase to maintain the validity of the data. The data stored inside the blocks is secured using strong hashing algorithms that are extremely difficult to breach. This makes the information stored on the blockchain immutable(i.e, data cannot be altered, deleted, or destroyed).

Blockchain Technology

Blockchain can be essentially used to store any kind of information but it is most commonly used as a ledger of transactions. Due to the flexibility offered by this technology, it can cater to a lot of different sectors like sales, finance, banking, cryptocurrency, database management, and more. The sector is relatively new and therefore, blockchain engineers and experts are difficult to find. 

Blockchain engineer

Hence, it is the perfect opportunity for you to be a part of this revolutionary technology. And make a Unique career in this sector after your 12th board exams. The growth opportunities as a Blockchain engineer/ expert are immense as the technology is still at its infant stage. It is one of the most lucrative, exciting, and Unique Career Options After 12th Board Exams that you can consider.

Having a Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science or information system or engineering in any technical field is the primary requirement to be a Blockchain Engineer/ Expert. Many Premier institutes like IIT Guwahati and IIT Kharagpur offer certification courses on blockchain that can help you score a job in this domain.

2. Pilot / Cabin Crew

Do you remember the first time when you saw a low flying airplane for the first time and heard the sound of those screaming turbojet engines and then the first time you went on a plane

You cannot possibly explain the experience in words. The idea that a 250 feet object weighing over 400 tonnes can fly above the skies is too magical to believe. Technology is the reason behind all of this.


And you can be a part of this magical journey and travel the world as a commercial jet pilot or a cabin crew member.


 Some of the basic requirements to be an airline pilot are as follows:

  1. Should have done 12th with PCM.
  2. The applicant should be 17 years of age or older.
  3. Should acquire a medical certificate approved by authorities.

Pilot one of the most unique career option after 12th boards

Therefore, if you are passionate about traveling and wish to have a prestigious job that can quite literally take you places, you should pick a career as an airline pilot. There are two ways to be an airline pilot here in India. The first one is to clear the NDA Exam to be an Air Force pilot or pursue training from a private flying school that may cost you anywhere between Rs. 30 to Rs. 60 lakhs.

Cabin Crew

Another great career opportunity is to be a cabin crew in an airline. The job is extremely exciting and rewarding at the same time not to mention that it provides you the opportunity to travel the world and explore new destinations on the go. The primary role of the cabin crew is to ensure the safety and comfort of the passengers at all times. And carry out the orders of the Flight captain on the plane.

Cabin Crew one of the most unique career options after 12th boards

Although different airlines have a different set of requirements for the cabin crew. 

Here are some of the common requirements-

  • Height should be between 5.5 to 5.9 feet.
  • BMI should be normal.
  • Should have command over one national and one international language.

Unlike pilot training courses, the price of cabin crew courses is low. And anyone can train to be a cabin crew member if he/she meets the basic requirements.

3. Data Analyst / Data Scientist

Let’s get you acquainted with some facts before we dive into why being a Data analyst is a great and unique career options after your 12h board exams. We create so much data in just one day that if you burned all of this data into DVDs and stack them one over another, we could make a two-way route to the moon and back. And with the advent of data processing techniques like Data analytics, this data has become an irreplaceable asset to organizations across the globe.

Flight attendant

Companies and business organizations around the world are constantly on the lookout for skilled data analysts than can help them boost their performance and output by processing heaps and piles of data and drawing valuable insights from it. Decision-makers and Stakeholders use these insights to make executive decisions.

Data analysts are highly paid and have unmatched growth potential as they can apply for Data scientist roles later in their careers when they have accumulated a reasonable amount of experience. Data scientists are among the highest-paid technical jobs at the moment and therefore, you should definitely consider data analytics as one of the best Career Options After 12th Boards.

To know more about a career in Data analytics you can check our article on Is Data Analytics a Good Career Option in 2021?

You need a thorough understanding of mathematical concepts, statistics, and critical thinking to be a data analyst. So if you can align your interests with the career track and you have the above-mentioned qualities, you should definitely go for it.

4. Actuary

Actuaries are one of the most unique career choices after the 12th board exams, that you can consider. It is possible that this is the first time you have heard of this profession. And we do not blame you for this. Because actuaries are one of the less popular career roles here in India. But that does not mean in any way that it is inferior to any of its contemporaries. It is definitely one of the most Unique career options you can consider after your 12th board exams.

Actuaries have a highly competitive salary and great work-life balance.

Actuary one of the most unique career options after 12th boards

It is one of the best Career Options After 12th Board for those who love mathematics and wish to explore the applications of mathematical concepts in the real world. The job of an actuary is to predict the probability of a future event happening, using their excellent mathematical and problem-solving skills. Actuaries are critical thinkers that can evaluate the impact of such a future event on the business and operations of organizations. They help in mapping risk and preparing contingency plans to mitigate damage and steer them through the threats.

Actuaries are now needed across sectors like Healthcare, Banking and Finance, Technology, and climate change. So this is the perfect opportunity for you to make a unique career in an extremely rewarding field. And use your mathematical skills to make a difference.

5. Animators

Don’t tell me you don’t love animated movies! 

We all grew up watching Shrek and his shenanigans, living a childhood dream through the Toy Story, learning Kung-Fu with the Panda, and drifting through space with Wall-E. The animation was what brought life to an experience that was so majestic and whimsical that we fell in love with characters that we knew did not exist.

Every one of us has loved animations in some form or another as a kid, teenager, or adult. So why not make a career in a field that you are so in love with. Make your own stories and characters and lead others into a world of your imaginations.


Animators in India are handsomely paid, as animation studios around the world have now started outsourcing projects from India. Therefore, the possibilities as animators in India are immense. 

You can be an animator by getting a graduate degree in animation, or a diploma. But very few institutes in India offer a graduation course in animation at the moment. So a diploma is what you should aim for. A variety of different courses in animation are on offer by a bouquet of institutes. Animators are one of the most Unique Career Options After 12th Board Exams that you can consider without any worries.

The duration of these diploma courses varies from 6 months to 18 months. No special subject is needed to be an animator. But having a keen interest in drawing, sketching, and command over computer operations surely helps.

The fees for these courses are low (Rs. 50,000 – Rs. 2,00,000). And anyone can apply to these courses and score a job as a cabin crew.


We hope that this article on Top 5 Unique Career Options After 12th Board Exams was helpful to you in some way or another. And will hopefully assist you in choosing a career that compliments you in the best way possible.

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