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Top 6 Websites for Stock Market Analysis that Every Investor Should Know

Isn’t it interesting how ace investors like Rakesh Jhunjhunwala, Vijay Kedia, Ramesh Damani, and Ramdeo Aggarwal almost always pick the right stocks? Subsequently, some of these stocks even turn out to be multi-baggers.

 But how do they pick the right stocks every time?

They must have access to insider information that lets them identify multi-baggers early on and earn huge returns on their investments, right?

No, that’s not true at all. It was just a joke. There are two major reasons why they pick the right stocks every time while you cannot-

  1. Ace investors have decades of experience in investing, and they know exactly what kind of financial and economic data from a company underscores its value.
  2. They know where to access this information from. They have financial reports from companies across the spectrum and conduct heavy research before picking the stocks.

Of the two things mentioned above (Experience and Access to Resources), the experience can only be accumulated through time and there’s no shortcut for that. But accessing the resources that will help you identify good stocks and even multi-baggers is a piece of cake.

There are Websites for Stock market analysis that contain all sorts of information about every publicly listed company. 

All you need are the right keywords to access this information. So here are the Top 6 Websites for Stock market analysis that will help you analyze the stocks and screen them efficiently to choose the right ones more often.

Top 6 Websites for Stock Market Analysis

1. NSE India

The reason why this website tops the list of the best websites for stock market analysis is that this is the official website of the National Stock Exchange (NSE), India. NSE is one of the two major exchanges in the Indian securities market.

NSE India Best websites for stock market analysis


You can access all the financial and economic data of any company that is listed on the National Stock Exchange. All the listed companies are obligated to share data with the stock exchange they are listed on due to regulatory concerns, so you can even find exclusive data on this website that may not be available on other websites. 

This site is one of the most reliable sources of information and drives a crazy amount of monthly traffic. It has more than 12 million monthly visitors and a mobile app is also available for both android and IOS devices, that’s even more convenient to use.

The Link for this site is –

2. Moneycontrol

Moneycontrol is one of the most famous websites among stock market participants. It is an extremely comprehensive website that offers data on almost every imaginable asset class. The website is owned and run by the CNBC group.


Moneycontrol offers information regarding Indian and International markets, Currency, commodities, IPOs, Bonds, Cryptocurrencies, and more. It also has various tools that allow you to monitor your investments and create watchlists, screen stocks, and do technical analysis as well.

The landing page of the website is flooded with the latest business reports and news. You can even download the moneycontrol mobile app on both android and IOS to get the latest updates via notifications. This website handles 50 million visitors every month and is easily the most popular website for Stock market analysis.

The link for the website is-

3. Screener

Screener is one of the most popular stock screening websites. This website provides a detailed analysis of stocks. It has tools that help perform both fundamental and technical analyses of stocks. But the website is famous for its selective screening features that allow users to personalize their screens and shortlist stocks based on different parameters like quarterly results, P&L, balance sheets, cash flows, etc. 

One of the best websites for stock market analysis screener

One of the best features of this website is that it customizes the financial reports to make them easier to read and understand. Also, all the features of this website are accessible free of cost. Even though the website boasts a ton of features and tools, it is primarily used to screen stocks and perform fundamental analyses on them.

The website draws monthly traffic of 1.5 million visitors and you can even set up E-mail alerts to get instant updates.

The link for the website is-


This website is similar to the screener and Moneycontrol in its utility. You can access detailed information on any public listed company. You can also access the technical charts of stocks and perform technical analyses on them.

The website boasts an enormous set of technical tools that make screening of stocks convenient. In fact, you can perform selective screening of stocks based on parameters like ROCE, ROE, market cap, volume, and price.

Furthermore, the website offers detailed analysis on stock markets, commodities, bonds, cryptocurrencies, ETFs to simplify investing and it also offers the latest news for various categories like a commodity, stock, economy, forex, etc. The website draws monthly traffic of over 5 million.

The link for the website is-

5. Economic Times Markets

Economic Times Markets is one of the oldest and the most reliable business news portal in India. Even though it is primarily used as a website to monitor news and the latest events, it has access to a wide variety of tools. It also has access to loads of data on stocks, IPO/IFOs, Market data, Market moguls, expert views, Technical analysis, commodities, forex, and bonds.

Economic Times Markets best websites for stock market analysis

One of the best features of this website is the morning and evening news briefs. They are extremely useful for people who missed the day’s entire activity and wish to catch up. The briefs provide a swift recap of all the major events of the day and keep you updated.

ET markets offer a Prime subscription to their users. The subscription provides exclusive access to comprehensive in-depth stock reports, exclusive stories, reviews, and opinions.

The link for the website is-

6. Live mint

Live mint is essentially a business and economics news portal that allows visitors to read articles and posts related to stock markets, finance, economy, politics, science, and sports.

It is a subsidiary of the Hindustan Times Media group that is one of the most trusted media groups in the country.

Live Mint

It is one of the best websites to monitor news during market hours and capture any news-induced movements. The website primarily focuses on policymaking and business operations.

It also offers a premium subscription for Rs 2649 a year that gives users exclusive access to mint premium articles, and what’s app alerts of daily events, along with access to The Wall Street Journal e-papers, and their Mobile app. The website has monthly traffic of over 10 million.

The link to the website is-

Some Bonus Websites

Here are some bonus websites that did not make it to the list. Even so, they are definitely worth keeping under your radar as a trader or an investor. 

  • Tradingveiw

Tradingveiw is quite frankly the best website for technical analysis. It is like a social media website where you can share your analysis with other users on the platform. The posts from other users are a great way to learn more about technical analysis.

Tradingveiw best websites for stock market analysis

Tradingveiw has a plethora of technical indicators to choose from and an extremely well-crafted user interface that makes it easy to use. also, you can use all the basic indicators for free but you need to purchase their premium subscription to be able to perform advanced technical analysis on the technical charts.

The only reason this website did not make it to the list is that it targets traders as its userbase. Consequently, it is less popular among investors.

The link for the website is-

  • BSE India

BSE India is the official website of the Bombay Stock Exchange (BSE), India. It offers the same features and tools as NSE India with a little more inclination towards statistical data. The data available on BSE India is legitimate and is provided by the companies themselves.

BSE India

The website has monthly traffic of 3.4 million which is significantly lower than NSE India that has over 10 million monthly visitors. This is one of the major reasons why this website did not make it to the list.

The link for the website is-

If you are a beginner and want to learn more about investing read our article on 6 Tips for Beginner Investors.

We hope that this article on Top 6 Websites for Stock Market Analysis was informative and helped you gain some value. We would be happy to answer any queries in the comments below.

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