What are the Scope and Job opportunities for CFA in India?

There is a literal abundance of CFA job opportunities in India.

And the interesting part is that there just aren’t enough CFAs around. 

For the unversed, CFA or Chartered Financial Analyst,  is a professional certification offered internationally by the CFA Institute to investment and financial professionals.

And if you are a CFA or are right on the path to being a CFA, then you have got a bright career ahead.

Because CFA certification in itself is a very powerful accolade to your skill portfolio and it unlocks a variety of job positions for you all across the financial work domain.

From entry-level research analyst jobs to core fields such as investment banking, you can apply at any point of the hierarchy of the financial and investment work domain.

And even if you have not been able to bag the CFA charter, worry not!

Because even clearing the level 1 of the CFA exam gives your resume a serious boost and makes you eligible for some very high-paying jobs in finance.

Want to become a CFA in India? Here’s how!

In this article, we’ll also talk about how you can apply for jobs after CFA level 1 in India.

In fact, in this article, we’ll be answering several most frequently asked questions regarding CFA jobs in India.

What are the CFA job opportunities in India?

India has seen perhaps one of the biggest growth in CFA popularity in the last year. No doubt, there is tremendous competition for the CFA charter in India.

However, the competition is also met by huge demand as many companies in India want to have finance and investment professionals on board.

In fact, once you unlock the CFA charter, you become a rare commodity in the job market with top finance firms competing to get you on board with them.

Companies like Deloitte, PWC, and the other big4 are also driven towards hiring CFAs in high-paying job roles.

The CFA charter opens up a wide array of career opportunities in the finance domain. This includes some exceptionally high-paying career opportunities such as investment banking, portfolio management, equity analyst, Quantitative data analyst, etc.

Usually, job seekers need to determine the core field they want to work in early in their careers.

While switching up your core field mid-career is possible, it has a major impact on your resume, your professional credibility, and your pay scale.

For example, a CFA charter holder with 15+ years of experience in Investment banking may earn up to 70-80 LPA.

While a fresher starting up with investment banking may only begin with a payscale of 6-8 LPA.

Currently, many corporates want to get CFAs behind their finances.

In fact, some of the top companies hiring CFAs in India are Crisil, Goldman Sachs, JP Morgan Chase, HSBC, Credit Suisse, etc.

Apart from that, many CFAs also go on to become CFOs of a company, which is one of the highest finance positions you could achieve in a corporate.

What are the CFA jobs salary in India?

The CFA charter holder can give a great boost to your career and your paycheck.

With CFA certifications you get access to many high-paying jobs in finance such as investment banking, portfolio management, Equity Analysts, Risk Managing, Private Banking, etc. With marginally less competition, there is great potential in pursuing CFA job opportunities in India.

Your paycheck will also heavily depend on the core finance field you choose after your CFA charterholder.

For example, Investment Banking job roles will often be more rewarding in monetary terms in comparison to Research analyst roles.

The average salary for a CFA charterholder in India is around 6-7 LPA.

A big factor in your actual salary is the experience you have in a particular field.

A CFA charter holder with 10+ years of experience in any finance core field could easily bag a 30+ LPA job profile.

The following table could be seen as an estimate of various job opportunities post-CFA, and their fresher level salaries.

What are the Job opportunities after CFA level 1?

The professional potential of the CFA certification can be gauged by the fact, that even if you have only cleared the CFA level 1 exam, you can easily bag a high-paying finance job in the industry.

There is a vast number of job opportunities after CFA level 1.

In fact, the competitive factor of the CFA charter makes sure that a lot of CFA candidates have to settle with only accomplishing level 1 of its exam.

Thus, many CFA candidates tend to look for job opportunities after the CFA level 1 exam.

If you are one of those that have cleared the CFA level 1 exam and are now looking for a job, then this information is just for you.

Although clearing the CFA level 1 exam itself won’t give a major boost to your resume, however, it will give you a significant edge over your competition. Furthermore, you can also join CFA societies across the world to build your network and have access to more job opportunities.

Some job profiles that become accessible for you after CFA level 1 are, Asset Management, Accounting, and Finance, Equities, Risk Management, investment administrator, etc.

You can also bag paychecks ranging from 3 LPA to 6 LPA based on your skills, experience, and core finance field.

There is a vast scope of CFA jobs in India. However, you should always strive to upskill yourself and gain more experience in your core field to increase your prospects.

What are the CFA jobs for freshers?

There is a plethora of job and career opportunities for CFA freshers. Obviously, at the initial state, the pay package and the job profiles might be below average, however, once you start gaining experience and work on more and more projects, you can rise both in compensation and in ranks.

Again, the core finance field that you choose will heavily influence the direction of your career.

Another factor that a CFA fresher should consider while applying for a role in finance is whether their CFA certification and knowledge would play a big role in the job profile.

Because if it doesn’t, then you may easily have to accept underpaid work.

Some of the top finance domains from which CFA freshers can kickstart their careers are:

  • Research Analysis
  • Corporate Financial Analysis
  • Accounting
  • Consulting
  • Risk Assessment
  • Account management
  • Credit Analysis
  • Portfolio management

Apart from the above major roles, there are a variety of other CFA jobs for freshers in India.

What are the Top companies currently hiring for CFA in India?

There is an abundance of job opportunities for CFA professionals in the market. Top companies are looking to get investing professionals on board. Companies like JP Morgan Chase, HSBC, Deloitte, and the rest of the big4 are also actively hiring for CFA professionals.

In the finance space, companies are actively looking for professionals who have an experience rather than fancy certifications. Thus it is important to focus on quality work experience once you have achieved your charterholder.

As for the top companies hiring for CFA in India,

The list goes big.

But here are some of the most prominent ones:

  • Barclays
  • Crisil
  • Goldman Sachs
  • JP Morgan Chase
  • HSBC
  • Credit Suisse
  • Ernst & Young
  • PWC

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