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LinkedIn Recommendations is the new trend today that sets your profile different from others. It can improve your LinkedIn profile, online reputation, and impact positively on your prospects as a candidate.

It can be a very powerful tool for attracting recruiters and affirming your specific talents. Besides, it takes you to another level of power and position when someone else gives you a glowing review specific to your subject areas, domains, work ethics, leadership and team work which are essentially the most counted and dignified skills in today’s time.

The more endorsements and recommendations you receive for each skill, the more it helps your search ranking.

LinkedIn SEO works the same way SEO works on any website. Strategically placed keywords (In this case your skills and experiences) throughout your profile helps you get found by the LinkedIn search algorithm and rank you at the top of search results.

Check up on a few benefits of writing a LinkedIn Suggestions matter to a colleague:

  • By sending a recommendation, you increase the chances to get one back and improve your profile.
  • It will boost your credibility with the person.
  • It helps to show your profile on other LinkedIn pages.
  • It’s a chance to improve your networking relationship with them with whom you are not connected from so much of the time.
  • If you figure out the best time to post on LinkedIn, your recommendation might reach more people.
  • Make it professional and address strong characteristics depicting both work skills and soft skills. You can expect to be reciprocated with the same.

Tip: If you’re connected with co-workers and managers, turn on your “I’m interested” button, which will let recruiters know you’re open to hearing about new opportunities. LinkedIn will hide this open invitation from folks at your current company.

If you’re the one looking to receive recommendations, always begin by identifying the people who know you well and who can best speak on your aptitude for excelling in your professional domain, reflect on your leadership or management skillset, or highlight some of your best accomplishments and achievements.

  • Testament of your strengths:- As it’s known that nowadays recruiters are highly concerned about searching for candidates who can prove to be a cultural fit as well, it can also provide the recruiters with an insight into how well you may fit within an organization.
  • Public proof:- The quality of recommendations is very much dependent on the profile of the person who writes them, which means their reputation has to be high.
  • Stay in touch and top of mind:- For a recommendation, you first need to be connected on LinkedIn with your past supervisors, colleagues, and clients. Give a personal touch to your invitation to connect send him a request for a recommendation.
  • Be Generous in Recommending Others:- When you are generous about recommending, you’ll increase the odds that that person will turn around and recommend you right back.  You may be pleasantly surprised to see the kindness reciprocated.


  • The recommendations are the areas where you can add SEO keywords, which can drive the needle on your side.
  • When more and more keywords, related to your skills and caliber are used, your name tends to pop up on top, and suggestions are shown to the recruiters when they type certain keywords/skills to search for candidates.
  • The profile is more optimized and tends to be ranked higher if the recommendation aligns well with the bio or description you provide on LinkedIn.
  • Optimization is high and hence your ranking on SEO is higher when a very reputed and authorized person of an organization recommends you.

So get set and recommend!

Try this LinkedIn feature out, recommend your colleagues, get recommended by them, and wait for the best job offers and opportunities to hit your way!


Turn your LinkedIn Account into a POWERFUL CAREER TOOL that spotlights your Skills, Experience, Education, and Impress your network of connections.


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